The Story Of SixGun

SixGun is what you get when you take equal parts Johnny Cash and Johnny Rotten and add a dash of Mike Ness.


In southern California circa 2004, the rockabilly scene was at a fever pitch. Bands were popping up left and right. Pompadours and doghouse basses were standard. SixGun came with a straight ahead approach and a bit more edge than most. A bit more punk than greaser, but a prominent place in the scene nonetheless. After a year of local shows, we hit the road. We toured the western third of the US for about a year and a half, and built a really strong fanbase via Myspace. Yeah, it’s been a while. Back then, we had some radio play, played with The Misfits, The Violent Femmes, Dead Kennedy’s, and a ton of other bands. Obviously, those days are gone, and we’re not in southern California anymore. Recently, the catalog of music has been revived, and a new roster of supporting members have been recruited to get out and play this stuff live again. Now, we’re heading into 2019, planning on re-recording and finishing the previous second album, and then writing a ton of new shit.

The live shows are where it’s at.

Rock and Roll is fun to listen to, but it’s even more fun to watch. Come see us play.  


Current Members

Jacob Day - founder

Chris Pasinetti
Lead Guitar

Mike Easter
Bass/Backing Vox

Jim Ortega

Past Members

Mike Perkins
Lead Guitar

Levi Manes

Matt Jacen